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Welcome to Chocolate Country

Chocolate Country DVD

Chocolate Country DVD


It’s time to talk about movies again, but not just any old movie.  Chocolate Country, a documentary short by Namshub Films, follows the struggles and succeses of our organic cacao cooperative La Red Guaconejo in it’s fight to outdo savvy businessmen and bring its product directly to the shelves of stores like ours for a fair price and the absolute highest quality.  This is a huge accomplishment for the cooperative, as I’ve never seen a film so successfully illuminate not only the struggles of cacao farmers to break the “old boys network” status quo, but also demonstrating the natural beauty of the landscapes and lifestyle inherent to organic farming in the Dominican Republic.

I found out about the film several months back while talking about our store’s cacao project with a fellow Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, and after talking with the film’s producer Robin, I saw a screening and couldn’t wait for the October due date for the release of the film.  DVD copies are available now through their website, but currently only for non-profits looking to show the film publicly.  Hopefully copies will be available soon for us foodies to buy, as it really creates that terroir connection so important in preparing the highest quality foods containing cocoa powder and cacao beans.

You can watch a 2 minute-long trailer of the film by clicking here.

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