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Sweet Fall Is Here…

It’s official… fall is upon us. For me, living in the mountains of Colorado, that means watching a valley of aspens surrender the green of summer to gorgeous shades of gold. This year brought September snow. It is the time of year leaves fall to lay seed for the spring. The Earth drops into a quieter cycle. The days and nights share equal hours. Animals finish gathering in preparation for the winter.

We, too, naturally find ourselves preparing for the change of seasons. We dig out comfy sweaters, cherish those first days of socks and boots, wonder where the heck we hid our beanies. Our bodies begin to crave the foods of the season, warm soups and stews, root vegetables that thrive in these conditions, sweet potatoes, hearty greens and heirloom squash.

We instinctively want to slow down, close in a bit. Start the day with a steaming bowl of oatmeal, drink tea wrapped in blankets, bake cookies. To some it may seem decadent, or even lazy, but I say it is delicious nourishment! Bake those cookies! Snuggle on the couch under a blanket and read the book you’ve been meaning to. Gather and store your energy for the winter ahead, no matter what climate you find yourself in.

International Organics would like to help with your journey to cozy comfort with any of our Sonoma Syrups and Agave Nectars. Our quest for pure, organic nourishment can still be sweet. Try these hand crafted, family owned products to sweeten your oatmeals, teas, coffees and your baking adventure!

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